June 22, 2012

The Seller and the buyer

 Model Family 

He is Mr. Saiford 
at first our relationship was too plain,
it was so simple "The seller and the Buyer"
that's it no more no less..

I used to speak with him over the phone and emails for the
Toyota Avensis. He requested to change some parts of t he car, 
and its was granted. same thing happened to his next ordered car which is the 
Nissan Xtrail. he also requested me to change some parts of this  Xtrail, 
and it was granted as well.

Days, Weeks, Months gone by 
i had no contact with him until i found out that he has an 
account on Facebook. So we started with Hi's and Hello's, exchanging 
jokes and ideas etc. That was the beginning of upgrading or relationship 

Now, our relationship is 
not just a plain Seller and the Buyer.
the relationship grows and
now i could say that even we are far away from
each other, WE ARE FRIENDS..

Thank you Mr. Saiford

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Thanks Note for KEI

Mauritius is very strict in regards of importing used cars
 Dear Kei, 
     As I promised this is the prove that I received a good car from you I am glad that I meet and do business with you. For sure I will introduce you to all my friends here in my country. 

Thank you, 
Thank you Mr. Rajen for trusting me and my company 

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