November 9, 2015

Small cars are popular in Europe, produced a posterity to remain great car

Europe also had been devastated by war in the same way as Japan, gradually automobile industry revived.
Small popular car Volkswagen Beetle in Germany West German national, which is separated into east and west along with the production is started became worldwide popular cars as well.
In France, Renault, Citroen compact car was released, began to spread widely accepted by the masses.

In addition, future generations to remain great car also has produced at this time.
Citroen DS which debuted in 1955 in the Paris salon, as at the time, is an avant-garde in every sense, technically was followed by at least more than 20 years. Like aerodynamic body style, which is described as as has been flying from another planet, using the "gas and liquid" instead of metal spring ride by "hydro-pneumatic" suspension and comfortable than any large luxury car evaluation It has been.

In 1959, the first model of the popular MINI (mini) in the world will be announced from Austin also current. This mini is, by the front-wheel drive by the transverse engine, in a clever layout, it succeeded in obtaining a large indoor space that it can not be imagined from a small outer dimensions, was said to revolution of small cars.