December 11, 2015

Level of Golf (1974)

Difficulty that succeed the Beetle
The successor to the successful project, will things be difficult in any case. If you make a new program in the framework of which showed high audience rating drama, it is reliably compared. It can make things much good, it's normal that not get accepted easily. The scale of the large case once and for all Tobi, was the successor car development of the Volkswagen Beetle. to make the replacement become models of finest cars that total production volume of more than 20 million units, it must have been tremendous pressure.

Beetle Although the had become a bestseller in all the world, the production began is that of 1945. If you trace back to the prototype, it was designed is he a thing of the second World War before. Indeed all become old-fashioned in the 1970s, it had lost the product competitiveness. Volkswagen is also not necessarily had Komanui the hand, we were working on the development of a new model. In 1968, it was released a 411/412 you use as it is air-cooled horizontally opposed engine, but the sale was not extended. Although it issued in the Volkswagen brand in the K70 a 1970 water-cooled front engine, which was developed by NSU, which also was a dud.

Golf appeared in 1974, in hatchback car that drives the front wheels in every other horizontal water-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine, the form was a square. Look for similarities between the Beetle is difficult, it might be nice to say that to be in the most counter electrode. However, if you look from the terms of rationality and practicality, it This was the Beetle of a new era. Was hit all over the world in no time, other manufacturers began to promote the development of new models in the model of the Golf.

Design with even neat strength while simplicity is something by hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro. Interior space in a compact body to have taken enough, is supported excellent packaging widely. Body Now it piled the model change, but is larger, primary Golf is a very compact, it was smaller than the current Polo.

December 9, 2015

Events of 199

topics 1
Honda NSX sale
Honda NSX is announced I had a great impact on the world. In aluminum 2-door coupe loaded with V6 engine of the diopter of lightweight body, it had a performance that rival the high-performance sports car overseas. We were introduced to the market at a low price that it ¥ 8,000,000. Sometimes you have dwarf the bubble economy, it caused a situation that does not meet the deadline is supplied orders flooded.
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Minicar standard revision
Light car standards revision is performed, the upper limit of the exhaust volume is raised from 550cc to 660cc, it became possible to have a large body to obtain a strong power. Tall wagon of original that is currently the mainstream is a Suzuki Wagon R was released in 1993. Height to expand the interior space along with the standard referred to two meters audience by the ease of use spread significantly. Then in 1998 to the collision safety also widened the overall length and overall width is taken into account, it has led to the current.
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Gorbachev in the Soviet Union first president
After World War II Cold War structure in which two great powers that the United States and the Soviet Union conflict led the liberal camp and the socialist camp had been followed. In an attempt to Tatenaoso the Soviet Union which has been economically battered by the evils of one-party dictatorship, Gorbachev was appointed Communist Party General Secretary in 1985 was promoted the democratization of politics to set a perestroika (reform) and glasnost (public). Socialism starts one after another pro-democracy movement in the country, the Berlin Wall collapse in 1989. Been promoted independence movement in such as the three Baltic states among the Soviet Union, the power of the Communist Party began to weaken. When it comes to the 1990 determines the abandonment and the introduction of a presidential system of one-party dictatorship, Gorbachev is appointed as first president of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev to promote disarmament in the US-Soviet summit, left a large footprint, such as to realize the multi-party system. Gorbachev tried to build a new system by performing a bold policy shift, spreads the domestic turmoil, it was to be chased by the seat of power by the democratization that has promoted himself.

December 8, 2015

Overwhelming performance of 16 races 15 wins

When was in as if the bubble economy midst. Japan money swept also the F1, logo of the Japanese companies had been dancing to the ball Dee machine. Real estate company was even whole example, which acquired the team. Mood of the bubble will match the world of glamorous F1, it had to exude stylish image.

Honda turbo engine, was proud overwhelming combat power. In conducted British Grand Prix at Silverstone high-speed circuit, the machine that was from first place to fourth place equipped with a Honda engine has a monopoly. The Williams-Honda have had a driver with outstanding force that Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet, I had to pull out the power of the machine to the full. It was able to compete with Honda, it was only Alain Prost to ride McLaren Porsche.

This year Nelson Piquet becomes champion, Williams-Honda was to hand the constructors' title. However, William's and Honda's contract is terminated, Honda supplies engines to McLaren from next year. And, Senna was supposed to be moved to Makura Len off the Lotus. McLaren won the two most powerful engine and the strongest driver is proud of the strength of invincible, it was left an overwhelming performance that series 16 races 15 wins.

However, "Professor" is Senna of Prost and genius with the nickname of it was difficult to Narabitatsu. Without deciding the ace driver but took the team system of "joint number one", both I was thinking that we should own is a priority. Battle in the two is waged as every time, did not amass the cooperative system as a team. In the Portugal Grand Prix of the 13th round there is a clear act of sabotage that the width shifting to each other, conflict becomes crucial.

December 7, 2015

F1- world domination and Senapuro showdown Honda (1990)

F1 boom of 1987
F1 is an automobile race in the world highest peak, in Japan was long ones only race mania. It is a venerable series that began in 1950 Silverstone Sir kit, but who was less to know its significance. However, it has changed suddenly situation in 1987. Name of F1 to the layer that does not have the vehicles to less interest widely known, is the female fans have been increasing rapidly. It became the driving force behind that is, it was Ayrton Senna.

From this year, the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit was added to the F1 calendar. Since the F1 championship was held at Fuji Speedway in 1976 and '77, it is that the first time in 10 years. Honda, which has been competing in the works system in the 1960s, had been returning from the 1983 as an engine supplier. The performance of the Honda engine is high, in 1987 I had to supply the engine to the Williams and Lotus 2 team.

The Team Lotus, Satoru Nakajima to be the first Japanese regular drivers have joined. With that said Japanese engine in the Japanese driver, it was supposed to be picked up significantly to the general media. His team-mate, Oh Ru in the Ayrton Senna Brazilian. Not only has the genius driving technique, he looks that praised the pathos, it was highly popular in no time at all.

It was boosted F1 boom, it was relayed on TV. Late at night it was in the recorded broadcast, but in the whole war has been aired on Fuji TV. Ichiro Furudate that had been in charge of the time race relay is called "speed of sound of Duke" to Senna, his name was widely penetration.

December 4, 2015

1963-year event

topics 1
1st Japan Grand Prix
For the first time carried out a full-fledged car race in Japan, the venue was the Suzuka Circuit has just opened in 1962. And calls himself the "Grand Prix", but not the F1 championship. A touring car and sports car that was modified commercial vehicles was evacuated amount separately classification, 11 race was held in two days. The official name was something that was heartwarming referred to as "the first Japanese Grand Prix auto racing tournament."

In which even the presence of the "auto racing" little was known, attendance is more than 20 million people, the fun of that car compete for speed, the Japanese were the first time knew tournament.

Touring Car C-2 class (400 to 700㏄) of the race in the Toyota Publica, C-5 class (1300 to 1500㏄), the Toyota Corona, the C-6 class (1600 to 1900㏄), the Toyota Crown victory It was, it was also the Grand Prix Toyota vehicles was active.

topics 2
Honda launched the S500
1962, Honda will announce its entry and F1 racing to the four-wheeled vehicles. In the following year of the 10th All-Japan Automobile Show (Harumi), sports car prototypes were exhibited. Although in and had already achieved worldwide fame two-wheel racing, super the turnip was greater voice to receive it's reckless as the business of the company was the main product would be can not be helped.

Meanwhile, that appeared in 1963 is the S500 of the open two-seater. Of course engine in DOHC, it had a mechanism to elaborate that drives the rear wheel by a chain. The quadruple carburetor is adopted, it was squeezed out maximum output of 40ps at a high rotation of 8000rpm. S500 is going to develop into next S600 to increase the amount of exhaust in 1964, further S800. Also active in motor sports, and fought a number of name game with the Toyota Sports 800.

Challenge to F1 also proceed at the same time, it has played a first victory in 1965. Technology obtained in the race is fed back to the commercial vehicle, we were able to cycle that will improve performance. Honda Spirit currently lead is had already established in this era.

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<Social conditions> President Kennedy assassination
November 23, 1963, in the living room of Japan a lot of people were looking forward to the US space relay first day. It than is the message to the Japanese people had become coming scheduled to be sent from President Kennedy. However, actually it was the eyes, it was a shocking news that "President Kennedy assassination".

On this day, President Kennedy was supposed to be speech in Dallas Trade Center. It means that the start of the campaign towards the re-election, is went the parade from the airport to the speech areas. President boarded the Lincoln Continental that has been remodeled to open, it was going slowly while waving to the roadside of the people.

He advised that we should put a bullet-proof cover is dismissed, he president was appealing a friendly image. Unguarded open car becomes the easy target for the sniper hand, three bullets were implanted.

News of the assassination of President instantaneously spread around the world, it brought a great response. Mourning a precaution were received from countries, the Soviet Union was in the midst of the Cold War has issued a statement denying involvement immediately after. Information is visited era around the globe in real time.

December 3, 2015

Reforms to philosophy and a new era that you continue to protect

Fight with oversteer is continued tenaciously, RR method even now, except for the 4WD models are protected. On the other hand, air-cooled engine was forced to change. Noise is large, weaknesses such as heater is difficult to Kiki Madashimo, it was fatal that it was not possible to correspond to the exhaust gas regulations. It is difficult to maintain the combustion temperature constant in air, and he can not elaborate controls. When the process moves to 1998 996 model is a fifth generation, and finally become the water-cooled engine is used.

Still, even now after 50 years 911's a car that had a basically the same mechanism, the same form. It was excellent original design concept, it would be why could continue to make for a long time. It stands out differences between the shape and arrange the first model and the current model is actually, but it probably would show it to the similar shape of the strange design.

Attempts to switch to the 911 other models, has always made. Front-engine rear-drive (FR) model of the 924 was released in 1976. Then go developed into 944,968, but was not able to replace 911. 928 luxury models, also is the same. Porsche's supporters, precisely 911 with a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine in the RR has been believed to be a Porsche.

Boxster, which debuted in 1996, was able to seize a new user. In two-seater open of midship engine, engine remains horizontally opposed. In 2002 released the Cayenne SUV, it became a commodity to support the Porsche's backbone. Still, speaking of Porsche everyone's is think of first is still 911. Consistently shake no attitude is're supporting the brand image of Porsche, and he end up in the technician soul of primary Porsche Dr. When we follow its provenance (the genesis).

Porsche 911 (1996 model year)        Porsche 911 horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine

December 2, 2015

Disadvantages lurking in reasonable system

Porsche's name comes from the genius engineer Ferdinand Porsche Dr. extraordinary, but he has not been involved of course the 911 who died in 1951. The Dr. has created, it was a popular car Volkswagen Beetle of the world that Germany is proud of. His son is a sports car that Ferry Porsche was developed while inherit the spirit of the Beetle is 356, is a 911 was further created its son "Buzzi" Son and Alexander Porsche.
Ferdinand Porsche and (center)
Alexander Porsche (left), Ferdinand Piëch (right)
Alexander Porsche and the 1963 Formula Porsche 911

Primary Porsche Dr., has produced electric car in Vienna of Rohner company in 1900 it was 25 years old. After two years to make the model should be called hybrid original that combines a gasoline engine and a motor, and showed precocious talent. In 1923 was greeted in Daimler-Benz's technology director, we have developed a variety of models from passenger cars to racing cars. Thereafter, the independent Dr., will be caught up in Hitler's popular car initiative as trying to develop a small economy cars. However, the ideal of Dr. in the form, it was from after the war.

Blood and soul of technical personnel to pursue the best is inherited, 911 through 356 from the Beetle was born. Common to this three, I sense that gained horizontally opposed engine air-cooled rear overhang. Air-cooled engine is a low-cost and easy construction, there is an advantage that there is no fear of water leakage. Rear engine Rear drive (RR) is a rational manner which does not require a propeller shaft, it was possible to widen the residence spaces. To join the rear wheels the weight of the engine is driven wheels, the traction is also strong. However, it was also faced the other hand demerit.

RR scheme, car more than you've cut the steering wheel has a tendency of oversteer that would change the orientation. In Beetle it had to be a very big problem, but in high performance 911 excessive oversteer is could result in lead to catastrophic events. Securing steering stability has become a major issue 911. In the initial model, last resort that put the weight in the front of the bumper have been taken.

December 1, 2015

Porsche 911 (1963 years)

The reign over even after half a century
From the Porsche 911 was born, it is 50 years this year (2013). Now this great sports car that is also continued to make without change, was to have been presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963. It unprecedented high performance has surprised the world, but that the same model even after half a century has been dominated the vertex is awesome than anything else. It would be nice to say that tremendous feat.

Is a 911 has been developed as a model to replace the 356 that have been produced so far. Although initially was intact car name 901 of the development code, the middle is now claiming to be 911 by the protest of a three-digit number of zero from Peugeot, which has been trademarked. Concept GT equipped with a horizontally opposed engine in the rear, it has inherited directly from 356. However, unlike the 356 that had been trapped under the Volkswagen, 911 is a model that has been newly designed from a completely blank.

The most significant evolution, would be the engine that became the SOHC 6-cylinder from OHV 4-cylinder. Power is not a numerical value of amazing if from the current standard of 130ps at the 2-liter, but has achieved the maximum speed 210km / h with interest the excellent traction and light body. In the design of a displacement volume up assuming from the outset, it would be expanded to then 3.6 liters.

Car that debuted in Japan in 1963, the Datsun Bluebird 410, and the like Mitsubishi Colt 1000. Tokyo Motor Show, Isuzu Beret, Prince Skyline, etc. Daihatsu Compagno was exhibited. Japanese car also wore the ability little by little, but in the same year on the other side of the sea is the practical GT was spectacularly appeared in this high performance.