October 30, 2015

From automobile birth until today 1

Car birth of (1769-1886)
The 1769 the automobile was born. Japan is still the Edo era.
The era horse-drawn carriage was the main tool to carry people and luggage in Europe, in France, by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, a car that runs on steam was invented. The first car, a large body heavy, which was built for artillery transport used by the military, speed I have said that was less than 10km / h.
This car was to the detriment off the handle while driving experiment ended up crashing into a wall. So to speak, it is also a car caused the world's first traffic accident.

Then, Watt improved technology, such as by developing the steam engine of the new scheme, is gradually breaking the stronghold of horse-drawn carriage. On the other hand, the resistance such as from a horse-drawn carriage skilled in the art of trying to protect the vested interests big, there was also movement, such as the United Kingdom in regulating the steam car "red flag law" is enacted.

The history of electric vehicles, older than gasoline engine cars. Battery in 1777, the motor has been invented in 1823, the electric four-wheel track has been put to practical use in the United Kingdom in 1873. Was achieved beyond the first ever speed 100 km was a whopping electric car. No. Jamek-Kontanto is achieved 105.9㎞ / h in 1899.