December 7, 2015

F1- world domination and Senapuro showdown Honda (1990)

F1 boom of 1987
F1 is an automobile race in the world highest peak, in Japan was long ones only race mania. It is a venerable series that began in 1950 Silverstone Sir kit, but who was less to know its significance. However, it has changed suddenly situation in 1987. Name of F1 to the layer that does not have the vehicles to less interest widely known, is the female fans have been increasing rapidly. It became the driving force behind that is, it was Ayrton Senna.

From this year, the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka Circuit was added to the F1 calendar. Since the F1 championship was held at Fuji Speedway in 1976 and '77, it is that the first time in 10 years. Honda, which has been competing in the works system in the 1960s, had been returning from the 1983 as an engine supplier. The performance of the Honda engine is high, in 1987 I had to supply the engine to the Williams and Lotus 2 team.

The Team Lotus, Satoru Nakajima to be the first Japanese regular drivers have joined. With that said Japanese engine in the Japanese driver, it was supposed to be picked up significantly to the general media. His team-mate, Oh Ru in the Ayrton Senna Brazilian. Not only has the genius driving technique, he looks that praised the pathos, it was highly popular in no time at all.

It was boosted F1 boom, it was relayed on TV. Late at night it was in the recorded broadcast, but in the whole war has been aired on Fuji TV. Ichiro Furudate that had been in charge of the time race relay is called "speed of sound of Duke" to Senna, his name was widely penetration.