October 7, 2015


 Have you ever seen a temple covered in gold? There is a temple called Kinkakuji which literally means the temple of the Golden Pavilion. This temple is famous among tourists for its color. This temple is literally covered in gold -gold leaf! It's World Heritage listed and surround by beautiful gardens!!

Here's history of Kinkakuji

 In the 1220's it was the comfortable villa of Kintsune Saionji. Yoshimitsu, the 3rd Shogun of Ashikaga, abdicated the throne in 1394. After three years, he began to build Kitayamaden and he made a special effort to make it a breath-taking site. He indulged in his peaceful life in this serene setting. After Yoshimitsu's death, Kitayamaden was made into a Zen temple in accordance with his will. All the buildings of those days came to ruin except Kinkaku. The garden, however, remains as it was in former days and can be enjoyed as it was hundreds of years ago. Kinkaku-ji Temple was inscribed as World Cultural Heritage in 1994.

Kinkakuji is really worth seeing it! You should see this temple if there's a chance you come to Japan!