November 11, 2015

Wave of reconstruction and motorization (1955-1970 years)

Japan had made its own development, it was a genre of light car. 1949 standards stipulated in, it incentives to limit the emissions of body size and engine as a product the reach of the masses has been taken. When the 1954 emissions standard is revised (1954) is defined in the 360cc, large manufacturers comes to gang engaged in a light car.

From the mid-1950s, Japan enters a period of rapid economic growth. Announced in 1955 in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry is "national car initiative", he received it, Subaru 360 was released in 1958 to become a huge hit, then each manufacturer to develop competition that it was waged is, it went rapidly to develop a motorization.

In the 1960s, Japan Tokyo Olympics in 1964, there is also special demand, such as Osaka Expo of 1970, further achieved economic development, 1968 it is the second largest GNP world to. Road conditions also, Meishin highway opened in 1963 as Japan's first highway, in 1968 Tomei Expressway was opened.

People even for automobiles, began to seek a large car even more luxurious. Toyota launched the Publica of small popular car in 1961. Then, just first generation Corolla has become Japan's national car was launched in 1966. Corolla 33 years of 1968 to 2001, becomes the best-selling car to maintain domestic sales first place, we have continued to sell all over the world today.
At the time, it was also a time when Toyota Corolla vs Nissan Sunny, such as Toyota Corona vs Nissan Bluebird, sales competition with Toyota and Nissan have been intensifying.

The breath of sports car in Japan

In 1963, the first Annual Meeting of the Japanese Grand Prix was held, to stage the Japan Grand Prix, it came to high performance is compete. Skyline create a myth, confrontation of the Toyota Sports 800 and Honda S600 has attracted attention.

In the late 1960s, the finest cars Toyota 2000GT, Japan's first rotary engine car Mazda Cosmo Sport, Nissan is currently also taken over model Fairlady Z, it was born also a full-fledged domestic sports car like.