October 6, 2015

Japanese fashion isn't just a set of modern fashion trends and sub cultures. Japanese fashion includes many traditional forms of clothing including the kimono and its associated accessories.A subculture of girls and young women in urban Japan. They are characterized by conspicuously displaying their disposable incomes through unique tastes in fashion, music, and social activity.
Japanese Fashion

The Kimono is the most famous form of traditional Japanese clothing for women. The Kimono is actually a style with many different forms; from the casual to the wedding style, all which have a particular meaning and are wore to different events or occasions.
Kimono History

October 5, 2015

What is Miso and how is it Made?

What is Miso and how is it Made?

Miso(味噌) is Japanese seasoning used to flavour soups and other foods. It is made by mixing steamed soybean, salt and Koji (malted rice). Sometimes other ingredients are used in addition. Miso is one of the traditional Japanese flavors and it's very healthy. Japanese people often eat miso soup in the morning. The most common flavors of miso are Shiromiso "white miso", Akamiso "red miso" and Awasemiso "mixed miso". In Japan, miso ramen is very popular. So, try miso ramen when you visit Japan!! 

October 2, 2015


 WHY DO JAPANESE PEOPLE WEAR SURGICAL MASKS?  Many people would wonder it if you come to Japan. Is it because many Japanese people have serious illness? The answer is NO. Actually, wearing masks is really popular culture in Japan. They wear it when they have a cold because they don't want to spread their cold to others. And also, some people wear a mask even they are totally fine because they don't want to get sick. Especially in spring, you can see many people wearing it because of hey fever. Wearing a mask when you have a cold would be considered polite. So, if you visit Japan, be sure to wear a mask when you are feeling bad because you would look impolite if you don't wear it!!