October 30, 2015

From automobile birth until today 1

Car birth of (1769-1886)
The 1769 the automobile was born. Japan is still the Edo era.
The era horse-drawn carriage was the main tool to carry people and luggage in Europe, in France, by Nicolas Joseph Cugnot, a car that runs on steam was invented. The first car, a large body heavy, which was built for artillery transport used by the military, speed I have said that was less than 10km / h.
This car was to the detriment off the handle while driving experiment ended up crashing into a wall. So to speak, it is also a car caused the world's first traffic accident.

Then, Watt improved technology, such as by developing the steam engine of the new scheme, is gradually breaking the stronghold of horse-drawn carriage. On the other hand, the resistance such as from a horse-drawn carriage skilled in the art of trying to protect the vested interests big, there was also movement, such as the United Kingdom in regulating the steam car "red flag law" is enacted.

The history of electric vehicles, older than gasoline engine cars. Battery in 1777, the motor has been invented in 1823, the electric four-wheel track has been put to practical use in the United Kingdom in 1873. Was achieved beyond the first ever speed 100 km was a whopping electric car. No. Jamek-Kontanto is achieved 105.9㎞ / h in 1899.

October 28, 2015

Car Best 5 that could produce the adult man


1.Skyline coupe

Coupe feel the sex appeal of the leading domestic car is this skyline coupe.
Compared with the old Skyline series was running full commitment, and then you have a adult clear, moreover, to do when you do it but bitter is such as fast if stomping the accelerator will suits to adult.


It does not fit much light car in the image of "adult man", another only the Copen.
"And even though it has already riding in the car that there is room it is usually, and do it! Are on the open light is off," then you me look around and, also will determine could even be riding in the suit.

3.Jaguar XJ

Although adult economically there is a clear will tend to select the luxury sedan Speaking Mercedes-Benz and BMW, the frequency that you become an adult man is high, is the Jaguar XJ.
Though formal sporty, yet I car is like just born to adult man ride with adult atmosphere packed.

4.Golf Cabriolet

In use work and usually enjoy in the open in the off while riding in a practical car in suits, this car that is good compatibility in the car Tsukai of such adults.
Open entirely without problems such as confidentiality said, it is available to formal and if they close the roof.

5.BMW X6

As you know it is the poor tinged adult it has been touted the "father Waru Choi".
Adults dressed in such attire is this car that looks good to excellent in the ride.
Even for a coupe-style SUV, it looks unlike homeopathic and just a sedan ride.

October 27, 2015


          Manufacturer               Sales 2014         Sales 2013  % Change


Top-Selling Car Brands in Japan in 2014

There were only minor changes in the rank order of the top car marques in Japan in 2014 but the various carmakers had quite different results.
Market leader Toyota had slightly weaker sales in 2014 but due to its size, a 1.8% reduction in sales results in nearly 30,000 fewer vehicles sold.
In stark contrast, the strong performance by Honda and Suzuki added nearly 90,000 cars each to the Japanese market in 2014. Daihatsu also sold more cars in 2014 allowing it to snatch fourth place from Nissan, which had slightly weaker sales.
I was surprised when I see this ranking because Toyota has almost twice sales of Honda. We can see how popular Toyota is from this ranking!!! 

October 26, 2015


 Through a long culinary past, the Japanese have developed sophisticated and refined cuisine. In recent years, Japanese food has become fashionable and popular in the United States, Europe, and many other areas. Dishes such as sushi,tempura, and teriyaki are some of the foods that are commonly known. The Japanese diet consists principally of rice; fresh, lean seafood; and pickled or boiled vegetables. The healthy Japanese diet is often believed to be related to the longevity of Japanese people.

October 23, 2015

Popular car rankings among women

1 Lexus

Calm interior, such as the inside of a car seat classy, seems popular, especially single girls where you drifting adult atmosphere.

2 Mercedes-Benz

Again the brand name seems to higher awareness also in the women's ignorant to the car. Price is tension but is not car mistake that would be that child also charmed anxious if this.

3 Audi

Audi recent years, is popular as images such as "are sophisticated," "fashionable" in the popularity rise in women.


4 Skyline

After the profound, such as appearance and design highly decorated, if boyfriend came to pick riding on this rank-in the car, there seems to be an opinion that seems to indulge in princess mood.

5 mini-crossover (BMW)

Cuteness no other car is a popular point. It is not strung care, and it is compact and elegant popular car in herbivorous women you want to date.

October 21, 2015

Honda's popular car


”The new Honda Civic sedan specifications and vehicle review has attracted attention in the world has been published. It had become a hot topic. From the launch of the 1972, the world-popular Civic car as representative of the Honda. In the new Civic that especially Honda put the force Among the former model, also design as well as performance has become ambitious sporty. Also the voice of many rave reviews from abroad had been asked. ” I like the shape and color of this car. It is cool. Do not you think that it is cool?

October 20, 2015

Japanese song

Image result for 安室奈美恵

Today, I introduce a Japanese song. Her name is Namie Amuro. She is a singer to represent Japan. She is also good dance as well as sing. she sang many songs until now. And car appeared in the promotion video     of this song.The title of it is ”In The Spotlight”. It is so cool. In addition it is all English. So you can enjoy       the video and the song also. Please listen to it. By the way, the car in which she rode in the video is the V8     Vantage.