November 4, 2015

Bud of the car in Japan (1898-1945)

In Japan, for the first time in 1898, automobile (Panhard-Ruvu~asoru) is brought from abroad.
Then, even in Japan, attempt of automobile manufacturing went begun. Yama-wa in 1904 (1901) had been engaged in the electric plant in Okayama Torao is, I was allowed to complete the mountain feather steam car that is the No. 1 domestic cars. Although this car was built for the purpose of use as vans vehicles (bus), continue to suffer from the trouble that solid tire is removed from the rim, it remains to be left in the warehouse, it finished without realization plan of vans car It was.

1907, with net Japan's first gasoline-powered vehicles, also for the first time put into practical use gasoline cars in domestic was born. Prince Arisugawa Takehito Highness, which was said to "car of Miya sama" is, of Automobile Chamber of Commerce established the Yoshida Shintaro and mechanical engineers who carry out the import and repair of motor vehicles and requested to Uchiyama Komano assistant, of about 10 units Gasoline car was made.
At the time of the people, this car was called "No. Takuri" from the fact that running Gatakuri, Gatakuri.

Then, Taisho era from the late Meiji period, but domestic production of motor vehicles have been tried many, Japan industrial technology at that time, because it was still immature, domestic production was not successful.
Among such attempts, it had had a considerable impact on the establishment of the automobile industry of the later was KaiSusumu-sha and white poplar company.

In 1911 it founded KaiSusumu-sha automobile factory, and have completed the first issue "Dutt" of passenger cars in 1914 after three years (1914) year.

Japan's first full-scale automobile production is the first white poplar's No. Otomo is, it started production in 1925, 230 units were produced.

However, the difference between the US and Europe of technology was something that still hard to fill. GM and Ford knock down production in the country and start the (exporting major parts manufacturing countries, be produced locally), the market becomes oligopolistic state, KaiSusumu-sha, it would be disbanded in white poplar, Inc. both.

Enters the 1930s (Showa), it was established to become "Datsun Shokai" and Nissan's predecessor in 1932, is the predecessor of the Toyota Motor Corporation in the next 1933 "Toyota Industries Corporation Works founded automobile part "is, the current Nissan Motor, Toyota Motor born.

KaiSusumu-sha is around Tour of, is taken over by the Datsun Chamber of Commerce, on the other hand, a key member of the white poplar, Inc. has joined the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works automobile part.

After that, there were attempts of ambitious domestic passenger car production, such as Toyoda AA type or Datsun 14 type, pre-war Japanese cars track was the center. Toward the Second World War, when the wartime regime advances, the production of the track for the military is started, the development of passenger cars was to be forced to abort.