November 2, 2015

Gasoline automobile birth (1886-1900)

Currently, gasoline automobile has become a mainstream is born, the 1885-1886 years. Japan has become in the Meiji era.
Steam car, the time the electric car had been mixed, Gottlieb Daimler of Germans developed a four-stroke engine, successful test run put the engine to the wooden two-wheeled vehicle in 1885, a four-wheeled vehicle in the next 1886 have developed. The same in 1886, was actually sold same Karl Benz of Germans completed the tricycle of gasoline engine.

Then, the French Panhard et Ruvu~asoru company had a manufacturing license of Daimler gasoline engine, the first time in the world, to the rear of the engine that was placed in the so-called cutting-edge, clutch, transmission arranged in tandem, def and devised the FR method for driving the rear wheel through a mechanism, a vehicle employing this method in 1891, was marketed a propanal-Ruvu~asoru. Mechanism of this car is called the "System Panhard", it laid the foundation of the current automotive technology.

Also, this time, or "tire of pneumatic" is invention (previously was a solid tire), handle those are "circular" currently used (previously had only intended to take the helm of the rod-shaped) There is invented, ride comfort and operability is improved.
In 1890 the early Panhard-Ruvu~asoru, still it is not mounted, the ones of 1900, a pneumatic tire, the steering of the circular is mounted.

First of auto racing world is open to around this time, in 1895, France, 22 cars in the course of back and forth between Paris and Bordeaux competed speed. 15 units of the participating cars in gasoline vehicles, six steam automobile, electric car was one. Eight out of the car nine who finish is a gasoline-powered car, the superiority of gasoline vehicles was also the race was shown. One outfit was a Panhard-Ruvu~asoru of gasoline vehicles.