October 23, 2015

Popular car rankings among women

1 Lexus

Calm interior, such as the inside of a car seat classy, seems popular, especially single girls where you drifting adult atmosphere.

2 Mercedes-Benz

Again the brand name seems to higher awareness also in the women's ignorant to the car. Price is tension but is not car mistake that would be that child also charmed anxious if this.

3 Audi

Audi recent years, is popular as images such as "are sophisticated," "fashionable" in the popularity rise in women.


4 Skyline

After the profound, such as appearance and design highly decorated, if boyfriend came to pick riding on this rank-in the car, there seems to be an opinion that seems to indulge in princess mood.

5 mini-crossover (BMW)

Cuteness no other car is a popular point. It is not strung care, and it is compact and elegant popular car in herbivorous women you want to date.