November 16, 2015

Japanese car of the golden era (1980s-1991)

Then also Japanese cars, and increased sales in the US market, in 1980, automobile production in Japan has reached to cause trade friction between the world's number 1, and the United States.

March forward of Japanese cars continued, in 1989 it was boiled in a bubble economy (first year of Heisei) was a memorable year. Toyota Celsior, Nissan Skyline GT-R, debuted all at once is a great car such as the Eunos Roadster, and he was to consolidate the reputation of Japanese cars.
Also this year, the US market, as Japan's premium brand, Toyota "Lexus", Nissan was also the year founded the "Infinity" brand. (Honda established in the antecedent to "Acura" brand in 1986)

That in the previous year, causing the Nissan Cima becomes the apex of "Hiso car boom" "Cima phenomenon", it had been selling like hotcakes expensive and exclusive car.
In 1990, Honda NSX appeared a Japanese car's first super sport. The 3-liter V6 engine to the monocoque body of the all-aluminum in models with and combines the practicality that AT also choose to include a high-performance, large trunk.
The height of the goodness and perfection of quality, was enough to shake the world of sports car manufacturer.