December 2, 2015

Disadvantages lurking in reasonable system

Porsche's name comes from the genius engineer Ferdinand Porsche Dr. extraordinary, but he has not been involved of course the 911 who died in 1951. The Dr. has created, it was a popular car Volkswagen Beetle of the world that Germany is proud of. His son is a sports car that Ferry Porsche was developed while inherit the spirit of the Beetle is 356, is a 911 was further created its son "Buzzi" Son and Alexander Porsche.
Ferdinand Porsche and (center)
Alexander Porsche (left), Ferdinand Piëch (right)
Alexander Porsche and the 1963 Formula Porsche 911

Primary Porsche Dr., has produced electric car in Vienna of Rohner company in 1900 it was 25 years old. After two years to make the model should be called hybrid original that combines a gasoline engine and a motor, and showed precocious talent. In 1923 was greeted in Daimler-Benz's technology director, we have developed a variety of models from passenger cars to racing cars. Thereafter, the independent Dr., will be caught up in Hitler's popular car initiative as trying to develop a small economy cars. However, the ideal of Dr. in the form, it was from after the war.

Blood and soul of technical personnel to pursue the best is inherited, 911 through 356 from the Beetle was born. Common to this three, I sense that gained horizontally opposed engine air-cooled rear overhang. Air-cooled engine is a low-cost and easy construction, there is an advantage that there is no fear of water leakage. Rear engine Rear drive (RR) is a rational manner which does not require a propeller shaft, it was possible to widen the residence spaces. To join the rear wheels the weight of the engine is driven wheels, the traction is also strong. However, it was also faced the other hand demerit.

RR scheme, car more than you've cut the steering wheel has a tendency of oversteer that would change the orientation. In Beetle it had to be a very big problem, but in high performance 911 excessive oversteer is could result in lead to catastrophic events. Securing steering stability has become a major issue 911. In the initial model, last resort that put the weight in the front of the bumper have been taken.