October 12, 2015


As you probably know, there are four seasons in Japan. 

 Spring which starts in March and stays till May is a very busy period in Japan. It is also the season when the most beautiful festival Hanami is celebrated. Cherry blossoms at Ueno Park is really beautiful!
 Summer months are June, July, and August. Summer is very hot and humid in Japan. Hanabi displays(fireworks) are held as a way to enjoy the warm summer evenings! 
 Autumn months are September, October, and November. After its humid summer, it is the coolest and the most beautiful season. We can see beautiful fallen leaves in this season!  
  Winter months are December, January, and February. In general, Japan’s winters are relatively mild and dry. It snows in Hokkaido and northern parts of Honshu too. 

You can see different aspects of Japan in these four seasons. So, if you come to Japan, the seasons when you come is really important!!