December 4, 2015

1963-year event

topics 1
1st Japan Grand Prix
For the first time carried out a full-fledged car race in Japan, the venue was the Suzuka Circuit has just opened in 1962. And calls himself the "Grand Prix", but not the F1 championship. A touring car and sports car that was modified commercial vehicles was evacuated amount separately classification, 11 race was held in two days. The official name was something that was heartwarming referred to as "the first Japanese Grand Prix auto racing tournament."

In which even the presence of the "auto racing" little was known, attendance is more than 20 million people, the fun of that car compete for speed, the Japanese were the first time knew tournament.

Touring Car C-2 class (400 to 700㏄) of the race in the Toyota Publica, C-5 class (1300 to 1500㏄), the Toyota Corona, the C-6 class (1600 to 1900㏄), the Toyota Crown victory It was, it was also the Grand Prix Toyota vehicles was active.

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Honda launched the S500
1962, Honda will announce its entry and F1 racing to the four-wheeled vehicles. In the following year of the 10th All-Japan Automobile Show (Harumi), sports car prototypes were exhibited. Although in and had already achieved worldwide fame two-wheel racing, super the turnip was greater voice to receive it's reckless as the business of the company was the main product would be can not be helped.

Meanwhile, that appeared in 1963 is the S500 of the open two-seater. Of course engine in DOHC, it had a mechanism to elaborate that drives the rear wheel by a chain. The quadruple carburetor is adopted, it was squeezed out maximum output of 40ps at a high rotation of 8000rpm. S500 is going to develop into next S600 to increase the amount of exhaust in 1964, further S800. Also active in motor sports, and fought a number of name game with the Toyota Sports 800.

Challenge to F1 also proceed at the same time, it has played a first victory in 1965. Technology obtained in the race is fed back to the commercial vehicle, we were able to cycle that will improve performance. Honda Spirit currently lead is had already established in this era.

topics 3
<Social conditions> President Kennedy assassination
November 23, 1963, in the living room of Japan a lot of people were looking forward to the US space relay first day. It than is the message to the Japanese people had become coming scheduled to be sent from President Kennedy. However, actually it was the eyes, it was a shocking news that "President Kennedy assassination".

On this day, President Kennedy was supposed to be speech in Dallas Trade Center. It means that the start of the campaign towards the re-election, is went the parade from the airport to the speech areas. President boarded the Lincoln Continental that has been remodeled to open, it was going slowly while waving to the roadside of the people.

He advised that we should put a bullet-proof cover is dismissed, he president was appealing a friendly image. Unguarded open car becomes the easy target for the sniper hand, three bullets were implanted.

News of the assassination of President instantaneously spread around the world, it brought a great response. Mourning a precaution were received from countries, the Soviet Union was in the midst of the Cold War has issued a statement denying involvement immediately after. Information is visited era around the globe in real time.