January 28, 2012

Honda Solar Strategy

Honda Tests Solar Strategy for New Electric Vehicles

Honda Motor says it's looking to create a solar energy-based transportation system to support its two and four-wheeled electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. It's a lineup the company calls "personal mobility."
It's conducting a series of tests with the local government of Saitama, Japan. Honda hopes to establish the viability of its electric vehicles and solar-powered recharging stations for everyday use on a national scale.

The slick 10 kilowatt solar-panel-roofed station, which can power four EVs simultaneously for a day of use, was designed by Honda for its EV lineup. Even the solar panels are made by Honda.
[Sachito Fujimoto, Senior Chief Engineer, Honda]:
"This is a solar-powered station, a part of our experiments, that recharges EVs with the electricity generated here. It takes less than six hours to fully charge an EV using 220-volts, enabling the vehicle to run up to 100 miles or 160 kilometers."

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