January 24, 2012

Troubleshooting the Motherboard

  • If your system keeps crashing after a recovery then it is probably the motherboard.

  • Operating System will not load? Reseat RAM - if multiple SIMMS (single inline memory modules) or DIMMS (dual inline memory modules) then remove them all and replace and test individually. Did you install after market RAM? Is it compatible? Is it sequenced correctly - must be in pairs? Is it the correct amount of RAM?

  • POST Codes (Power On Self Test) - Computer Beeps at start up - Reseat the PCI cards. For notebooks then reseat the mini-PCI bus. Reseat the RAM.

  • For Notebooks - perform a hard reset.

  • Perform Diagnostics test.

  • Perform an MSCONFIG if your computer has it.

  • Shut down all other applications to avoid conflicts. Remove all other hardware devices.

  • Perform a recovery. Ensure that you backup your data prior to doing a recovery.

  • If the problem persists then send in for service.

  • Check error messages in Event Viewer. Start / Settings / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management (or Event Viewer)

  • CPU Heat - check to ensure that there is proper ventilation and the fan is working. Diagostics will test the fan for you. For notebook heat issues - use SPEEDSTEP (Intel) to the lower the cycle speed (megahertz). Enable Battery Optimized Performance. Was your CPU replaced? Was the thermal barrier replaced correctly. The CPU must be sealed correctly with a thermal barrier (adhesive between CPU and motherboard) or it could cause heat problems.

  • Conflicts in system devices - check the IRQ (Interrupt Requests 0-15) in the BIOS and reset the BIOS.

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