May 19, 2012

Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese martial arts refers to the enormous variety of martial arts native to Japan. At least three Japanese terms are often used interchangeably with the English phrase "Japanese martial arts": "budō(武道?), literally meaning "martial way", "bujutsu(武術?), which has no perfect translation but means something like science, art, or craft of war, and "bugei(武芸?), literally meaning "martial art." The term "budō" is a modern one, and is normally intended to indicate the practice of martial arts as a way of life, and encompassing physical, spiritual, andmoral dimensions with a focus of self-improvement, fulfillment, or personal growth. The terms bujutsu and bugeihave more discrete definitions, at least historically speaking. Bujutsu refers specifically to the practical application of martial tactics and techniques in actual combat.[1] Bugei refers to the adaptation or refinement of those tactics and techniques to facilitate systematic instruction and dissemination within a formal learning environment.[1]


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