May 3, 2012

The month of April, also affords one the opportunity, to witness the beautiful dances from the Geisha and even the Maiko too, this dance is called "Kyo Odori" and its held in the Miyagawacho Kaburenjo Hall and celebrated from the 7th to the 21st of April.
April 8th is the celebration of “Kambutsueor” which is day that commemorates the birth of Bhudda.
In Japan, April 29th was initially a holiday, to mark the passing of Emperor Showa, who died in 1989 but it later became known as Midori no Hi, which is a day to celebrate the environment as well as nature, Midori no Hi is also called Green Day.
May 5
The 5th of May, is globally recognized as Children’s Day, Japan isn’t exempt and also joins the rest of the world, to mark this special day for children.
In Japan, Children’s Day is called “Kodomo no Hi” in the past Kodomo no Hi was celebrated on separate days for the children, Tango-no-Sekku was boy’s Day and it was celebrated on the 5th of May, Hina Matsuri was girl’s Day and it ws celebrated on the 3rd of May, today Kodomo no Hi is celebrated on the same day.
Children’s Day in Japan, is a very special time for the children, and it is celebrated in a special way too, girls display would display traditional dolls that has being in the family for generations, boys also display their own warrior dolls, as well as fly streamers or carp windsocks outside.
Children’s Day in Japan isn’t complete, without a visit to the shrine and the Kamigamo shrine, hosts a traditional horse race in the Samurai way, to celebrate Children’s Day.
Also special food and treats, such as rice cakes with a sweet bean filling, wrapped in bamboo is prepared for Children’s Day.
May 15
May 15th is the celebration of “Aoi Matsuri” which is also called Hollyhock Festival,
Aoi Matsuri is one of the three biggest festivals of Kyoto, the Aoi Matsuri is held at the Kamigamo Shrine.
The Aoi Matsuri festival starts with a procession, which is quite memorable and colorful as the participants must all wear clothes from the Heian period. the procession usually starts from the Imperial Palace and ends at the Kamigamo Shrine.
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