June 7, 2012

Transparent computer screens are the monitors of the future. We all have seen them in Sci-Fi movies, those transparent monitors that when are turned off look just like a regular piece of glass. Nowadays, the transparent computers are whatsoever something we think we really might be using in the close future. Given that engineers have already created an active matrix by using new technology of transparent transistors and circuits, being able to use transparent computers looks now more than ever much closer to reality.
Now that we know what a transparent monitor is, let’s see how they work and how is it possible to be transparent. Well, the new high-tech transistors are made of tiny wires, called nanowires. This type of transistors may be assembled on glass or thin films of flexible plastic and which are used to create the display containing OLEDs, or organic light emitting diodes. OLEDs are devices that are intended to be replacing the conventional pixels, about we all know they are used to create images on flat-panel television sets, computer monitors or other displays that consumer electronics are equipped with.
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