August 29, 2012

The Famous Himeji Castle in Japan

               The Himeji Castle is situated in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It contains 83 buildings which are made with wood. Norimura Akamatsu, who was the ruler in 1333, constructed a fort where the castle stood. The fort was expanded further by Sadanori, the son of Norimura Akamatsu, in the year 1346.
During the Onin wars, the castle was severely damaged. Toyotami Hideyoshi took hold of the castle in the year 1580, and a three floored building was built in that place by Kuroda Yoshitaka. In the year 1600, Sekigahara Battle occurred and the Himeji Castle was handed to Ikeda Terumasa by Tokugawa Leyasu, to restore the Himeji castle. It took nine long years to bring back the Himeji Castle to its original shape.
Himeji was known to be the last construction during the Edo period. After that, Sakai Tadasumi descendents held the Himeji Castle until the Meiji Restoration. In the year 1868, the government of Japan took control of the castle. During War World II in 1945, bombings were held twice at Himeji Castle, causing severe damage to the castle. Later in 1956, the restoration of the castle started again.


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