September 6, 2012

Marvelous Samoan Tattoos

The art of tattoo making has its roots in the tribal culture. The word tattoo itself is said to have come from the Polynesian word tatau. In the earlier times, the tribal people carved tattoos on their body parts to distinguish themselves with other clans. Now, the tattoos have become fashion accessories. One such tattoo i.e. the Samoan tattoo has become quite popular in the present times. It has a badass look that symbolizes aggression and power. The popular WWE wrestler, Rock, also has one on his arm. Though the modern Samoan tattoos are carved on a part of the leg or hand or chest, the traditional tattoo design starts from the knee and travels up to the belly button.
The whole process of getting a Samoan tattoo is quite painful and not everyone is brave enough to bear the pain. That is why the tattoo wearers flaunt it in style as it is a mark of their patience and capacity to bear pain. The conventional Samoan tattoos have blended with the modern designs and the contemporary look is a meeting point of the Gothic look and the modern art and symbols.

Carved with the picture of a flower, this tatoo design having angular and curvy edges looks neat and elegant.
Samoan Tribal Tattoo


This Samoan tattoo design would take much time and pain to get a final shape on the shoulder.
Samoan Shoulder Tattoo

The Rock

The muscular wrestler Rock flaunts his Samoan tattoo having a celtic pattern that looks fearsome.
The Rock
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