October 9, 2015


 Do you know what Shibuya Crossing is like? It is the most famous crossing in Japan. You would be surprised if you see people waiting. Why? Because there are tons of people!!!
 「Rumoured to be the world’s busiest, this intersection in front of Shibuya Station is famously known as ‘The Scramble’. It’s an awesome spectacle of giant video screens and neon, guaranteed to give you a 'Wow – I'm in Tokyo!' feeling. People come from all directions at once – sometimes over a thousand with every light change – yet still manage to dodge each other with a practiced, nonchalant agility.」

 As in this article, you can feel like you are actually in Tokyo if you see this Shibuya Crossing.It looks like you would bump into someone during crossing the intersection. But Japanese people can dodge each other because we are used to this situation! Shibuya Crossing is becoming a popular tour spot!!