November 3, 2015

Mass production of motor vehicles, to spread (1900 ~)

Early 900's, it was still mainstream steam car. Meanwhile, France is De Dion Bouton, selling 1,500 units of gasoline vehicles over the next year in April from January 1900. It was a world leader in production and sales of gasoline vehicles, it was France.

Shortly thereafter, the United States is as shown an overwhelming presence in the automotive industry. It is a car, which started as a hobby of the aristocracy in Europe, but widely popular in the United States with a vast land area to determine the movement means to replace the horse-drawn carriage. Appeared in the 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash, the 425 units in the same year, 2500 is manufactured in the following year, became America's first mass-produced car.

Symbol of automobile popularization is an Ford Model T that appeared in 1908. Irish immigrants established II of Ford Motor American Henry Ford in 1903, is a car that "to create a car for the masses" and aspired to be, has bee developed.
With a simple structure, easy this car operation, 10,000 units were produced in the first year. 1913 the first-ever of the conveyor line is completed in the year, 1000 cars and would be produced in a day. until 1927 the production has been completed, the total production volume reached 15,007,033 units.

Which may be helped the popularization of automobiles. It is the first time adopted a self-starter invention in 1912 Cadillac. Now, but take a quick engine if even press the engine start button, the old days is not such must be turned in with all his strength a heavy crank handle, engine start-up has been difficult in women and the elderly. Sometimes men would reverse rotation even handle operates, which fractures and the arm in the original, it is about there are cases where it would die.

Along with the popularization of the automobile progresses, various luxury car also appeared. 1906, Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost in the UK is equipped with a six-cylinder engine of 50 horsepower, has established a worldwide reputation in the quietness and smoothness. In addition to Europe of Bugatti and Hispano-Suiza is also very expensive luxury car appeared, such as the American Cadillac and Duesenberg, nobility and millionaire is I got to compete.

In addition, longing for speed, went led the car to race. The 1906 1st ACF Grand Prix was held in France. Faster is better of steam car at this time, this year, the challenge was Stanley steamer to speed record has issued a 205.4km / h just. The gasoline car is more than a wall of 200km / h, it's three years later.
The world's first permanent circuit in the United Kingdom in 1907, Brooklands is completed. By competing in the race, the car will be to go to enhance the dramatic performance.
In the United States, Indianapolis 500 mile race was first held in 1911.
Begins Le Mans 24-hour race in France in 1923, there was the first Annual Meeting of the Monaco Grand Prix in 1929. Race becomes a place where automakers are engaged in competition over the honor of the nation, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, such as Mercedes-Benz has been waging a name game. Isotta-Furasukini, Thomas Flyer, also sports car such as the Stutz-Bearcat appeared.