November 13, 2015

The breath of sports car in Japan

In 1963, the first Annual Meeting of the Japanese Grand Prix was held, to stage the Japan Grand Prix, it came to high performance is compete. Skyline create a myth, confrontation of the Toyota Sports 800 and Honda S600 has attracted attention.

In the late 1960s, the finest cars Toyota 2000GT, Japan's first rotary engine car Mazda Cosmo Sport, Nissan is currently also taken over model Fairlady Z, it was born also a full-fledged domestic sports car like.

Dramatically improved in the Western performance of the automobile

70s from the 1960s, the performance of the car went growing in leaps and bounds. Porsche 911 that appeared in 1963, was greeted enthusiastically in sports car fans of the world.

The Ford Mustang that appeared in 1964 in the largest in the United States, sporty pony car went popular in compact. In Italy, the maximum speed competition by road car broke out. Wrapped high-power engine to the beautiful body of Carrozzeria model competed speed.