December 3, 2015

Reforms to philosophy and a new era that you continue to protect

Fight with oversteer is continued tenaciously, RR method even now, except for the 4WD models are protected. On the other hand, air-cooled engine was forced to change. Noise is large, weaknesses such as heater is difficult to Kiki Madashimo, it was fatal that it was not possible to correspond to the exhaust gas regulations. It is difficult to maintain the combustion temperature constant in air, and he can not elaborate controls. When the process moves to 1998 996 model is a fifth generation, and finally become the water-cooled engine is used.

Still, even now after 50 years 911's a car that had a basically the same mechanism, the same form. It was excellent original design concept, it would be why could continue to make for a long time. It stands out differences between the shape and arrange the first model and the current model is actually, but it probably would show it to the similar shape of the strange design.

Attempts to switch to the 911 other models, has always made. Front-engine rear-drive (FR) model of the 924 was released in 1976. Then go developed into 944,968, but was not able to replace 911. 928 luxury models, also is the same. Porsche's supporters, precisely 911 with a horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine in the RR has been believed to be a Porsche.

Boxster, which debuted in 1996, was able to seize a new user. In two-seater open of midship engine, engine remains horizontally opposed. In 2002 released the Cayenne SUV, it became a commodity to support the Porsche's backbone. Still, speaking of Porsche everyone's is think of first is still 911. Consistently shake no attitude is're supporting the brand image of Porsche, and he end up in the technician soul of primary Porsche Dr. When we follow its provenance (the genesis).

Porsche 911 (1996 model year)        Porsche 911 horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine