January 23, 2012

Samsung 55in Super OLED Smart TV

Samsung took the chance at CES to announce a number of new products and introduce some already familiar outside the US.
Briefly, they were: 
• Smart TV, with a promise that models bought now will in future be upgradeable through a simple add-on part;
• 3D content for TVs;
• the 5in Note "phablet" (a phone/tablet), introduced in the UK in October 2011 but new to the US;
• Wi-Fi enabled cameras;
• a (very impressive) 55in Super OLED TV;
• a new ultrabook;
• an app winner who devised an app intended to run across Samsung Smart TVs, tablets and phones, who won $100,000.

• Connected cameras with Wi-Fi.
• A "smart" Blu-ray player with DLNA capability for automatic playback of content when connected to home networks.
All in all, Samsung had a busy day, though the lack of demos was extremely noticeable, particularly on the voice- and/or motion-controlled TVs, where we had to rely on jolly films to "demonstrate" how things worked. It's still extremely unclear how any grouping of people larger than one will be able to motion-control a TV set.
But what was noticeable was that the queue of journalists and analysts and others seeking to get into the press conference snaked down and around the interior of the building – indicating just how far the company has come in earning the world's respect and interest in what it will do next.



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