November 6, 2015

Automotive industry after the Second World War (1945-1960 years)

In Japan, after the war, it became a start from the negative rather than zero. Production facilities hit hard, it had initially been banned the production of passenger cars from GHQ (Allied General Headquarters). The run the Burns only US military jeep and a large American cars, in Japan the factory could do was at making the scooter in what someone has at home.

In 1949, by which reduced the money supply as inflation control measures of the government, the industry there were numerous unemployment and bankruptcies and fallen into lack serious funds.
Meanwhile, Toyota also fall into a financial crisis, accepted the restructuring plan of the bank-led, so that to achieve a playback by independent separation of the sales department.

Automobile production limit of GHQ is released in 1949, a full-fledged automobile production of post-war Japan, began in the form of knock-down production of overseas vehicle.
Hino Motors Renault (France), Isuzu Motors Hillman (United Kingdom), Nissan partnered with Austin (United Kingdom), I went to learn the techniques of the latest automobile production in Europe.

Among Toyota takes its own route in the advances the development to stick to purely domestic passenger car, to announce the Toyopet Crown (primary crown) in 1955. Finally a pure domestic passenger car was born, the difference between the US and Europe is, was still greater.