November 5, 2015

World War II and the car (1938-1945)

During the war footing, as popular up policy for the masses Adolf Hitler in Germany, proposed a "national car initiative", as national car of Germany in 1938, Volkswagen Beetle is born. The car was developed by the founder Ferdinand Porsche of the hands of the Porsche company.

Since the Second World War has been the war in 1939, national car concept in mass production just before derailed, Kubelwagen of military vehicles were produced instead.

When the Volkswagen Beetle after the war the mass production is started, over a long period and are sold all over the world, to achieve a total 20 million or more units of production volume, not only a national car of Germany, and worldwide popular car became.
Dictator, although it is notorious Hitler as war criminals, this national car concept and the autobahn of construction, has been evaluated as his achievements.

On the other hand, the United States Army that focuses on activities of Kubelwagen at the time of the invasion of Poland in Germany developed a small four-wheel-drive Jeep (Jeep) in 1941, was put into combat. Also Jeep 600,000 as a military vehicle of Allied production, it went scattered to the battlefield around the world.
Also, after the war, it is knocked down production in the world, a huge number of dispatched at type jeep is born.

This in wartime regime, production of vehicles for military takes precedence over the world, development of passenger cars was a state of stop.