November 26, 2015

Crown that matches the taste of the consumer society (Munakata)

Toyoda Eiji nephew of Kiichiro, visited the factory of Ford and GM over to the United States. To learn advanced technology but was the purpose, it felt to see actually is, there is nothing that I do not know of their own, it was that. If we have to refine the technology has accumulated so far, it is to have confidence that they can be independently manufactured automobiles. As a result, the independent development route of Toyota became consolidate.

Because at the time of the passenger car almost was for the taxi, the development was also advanced along on their use. At the same time, the motorist was also placed in the field of view, it is telling the foresight of Toyota. Had been with for a taxi at the same time was released master in January 1955, Crown had been positioned as a family car.
Mr. Eiji Toyoda (Toyota Motor former president)
Master Although the suspension with an emphasis on durability has been adopted leaf rigid both the front and rear wheels, the crown has a front wheel independent suspension
It was a double wishbone. Design is also large in the luxuriously and disguised crown, such as in the burly master and chrome plating

Contrary to the proposal, the taxi industry was accepted was a crown. Coincidentally Jinmu economy has begun, the next in 1956 of economic white paper was labeled "no longer after the war." Black-and-white TV, washing machine, refrigerator touted is called the "three sacred treasures", meaning consumption of national
Greed has been growing. There and a luxurious equipment and nimble style, crown with a nominal maximum speed 100km / h and a comfortable ride
And it but appeared. And not the master to leave the lingering austerities, is the crown met the taste of the times.

Even as private cars, Crown was collected high popularity. 1.5-liter four-cylinder OHV engine delivers 48 horsepower, if the power
Powerful brake is provided Te Align. Primary Crown characterized the double doors door, he became with the presence of yearning of the masses. In 1960 appeared 1.9-liter engine, AT version named "Toyoguraido" has also been added.

"Thus crown, the five years of primary would build the foundation of the current domestic cars. Toyota, no automotive technology in Japan
At once improved is the "Tokudaiji Aritsune Mr. that it has made this crown is so stated in" My Japan Automobile History ". Own net domestic passenger car that Toyota has created to stick to development is the automobile industry of Japan became the foundation to continue to develop.