November 26, 2015

Own route, which has been pursued since before the war

1933, automobile part was launched in the Toyota Industries Corporation. The same year, Nissan automobile manufacturing Co., Ltd., the predecessor has been established. At the time, had been mass-produced car in Japan, it was only the plant to carry out the knock-down production of GM and Ford. Was taking action in order to launch the automotive industry in its, Toyoda of Toyota Kiichiro and is was a Gisuke Ayukawa of Nissan.

Nissan for the purchase manufacturing equipment was summoned also engineers from the United States, Toyota has pursued its own line from the very beginning. We studied the Chevrolet engine, was exploring the casting method. With respect to the body, it was carried out kneading the design by the Chrysler Airflow was the cutting edge in the model. And, we will announce the first production car Toyoda AA type in 1936. It was a passenger car of the 5-seater loaded with 65 horsepower in-line six-cylinder engine to the ladder-type frame. While evolving, 1404 units by 1943 has been manufactured.

Toyota has attempted to expand production of passenger cars, but the era was heading to war. At the request from the government, and thus to undertake the production of military trucks. And aspirations had been different, in that car of mass production was supposed to go piled up valuable experience. It is alive after the end of the war, and a profit by doing the huge orders during the Korean War special demand, I was able to solidify the foundation of the company.

Meanwhile, was studied also continues towards the production of passenger cars. In 1947, it launched the Toyopet SA type. It is an ambitious product that employs a backbone frame and a four-wheel independent suspension. However, 27 horsepower of the side valve engine is a powerless, the strength of the body had been missing in the poor road conditions at the time.