November 19, 2015

Jun Japanese car starting! Toyopet Crown (1955)

Toyota chose the path of self-development

1955 of 10 years after the end of the war, it has a great meaning for the Japanese automobile history. He Toyopet Crown was released from Toyota. To automobile production had begun before the war, after the war also various manufacturers had embarked on the production of motor vehicles. But the appearance of the crown was a breakthrough, since this car was something called a pioneering figure of "purely domestic passenger car" (Koshi).

September 1945. GHQ issued a directive so as to convert the munitions factory in private-sector demand. Thus, Toyota and Nissan which manufactures military vehicles during the war has led to the production of automobiles for the private sector. However, the GHQ-specified it is only the production of the track, the production of passenger cars were not permitted. Such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Nakajima Aircraft is dismantled, but each of the factory had been working on civilian products such as pots and kettles, to start production of the scooter in soon.

1947 production following the compact car 300 units of 1500cc in years is allowed, and the automotive industry in Japan toward the reconstruction finally. Tachikawa airplane automobile development department will release the "Tama" of electric vehicles in anticipation of the gasoline shortage. simple three-wheeler that Toyo Kogyo and Daihatsu were produced was also popular. Nissan has announced the sedan called Datsun DA type and DB type. However, the technology level compared to Western low, was the production volume slightly also.

So that the Ministry of International Trade and Industry at the time was promoted, it is a technical collaboration with automobile manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Nissan Austin, Isuzu roots, Hino partnership with Renault, we were knocked down production. He studied art in to undertake the production, it is was going to increase the localization rate of parts. However, Toyota does not take the route, we chose the road to develop the domestic passenger car on their own.