December 11, 2015

Level of Golf (1974)

Difficulty that succeed the Beetle
The successor to the successful project, will things be difficult in any case. If you make a new program in the framework of which showed high audience rating drama, it is reliably compared. It can make things much good, it's normal that not get accepted easily. The scale of the large case once and for all Tobi, was the successor car development of the Volkswagen Beetle. to make the replacement become models of finest cars that total production volume of more than 20 million units, it must have been tremendous pressure.

Beetle Although the had become a bestseller in all the world, the production began is that of 1945. If you trace back to the prototype, it was designed is he a thing of the second World War before. Indeed all become old-fashioned in the 1970s, it had lost the product competitiveness. Volkswagen is also not necessarily had Komanui the hand, we were working on the development of a new model. In 1968, it was released a 411/412 you use as it is air-cooled horizontally opposed engine, but the sale was not extended. Although it issued in the Volkswagen brand in the K70 a 1970 water-cooled front engine, which was developed by NSU, which also was a dud.

Golf appeared in 1974, in hatchback car that drives the front wheels in every other horizontal water-cooled in-line four-cylinder engine, the form was a square. Look for similarities between the Beetle is difficult, it might be nice to say that to be in the most counter electrode. However, if you look from the terms of rationality and practicality, it This was the Beetle of a new era. Was hit all over the world in no time, other manufacturers began to promote the development of new models in the model of the Golf.

Design with even neat strength while simplicity is something by hand of Giorgetto Giugiaro. Interior space in a compact body to have taken enough, is supported excellent packaging widely. Body Now it piled the model change, but is larger, primary Golf is a very compact, it was smaller than the current Polo.