December 9, 2015

Events of 199

topics 1
Honda NSX sale
Honda NSX is announced I had a great impact on the world. In aluminum 2-door coupe loaded with V6 engine of the diopter of lightweight body, it had a performance that rival the high-performance sports car overseas. We were introduced to the market at a low price that it ¥ 8,000,000. Sometimes you have dwarf the bubble economy, it caused a situation that does not meet the deadline is supplied orders flooded.
topics 2
Minicar standard revision
Light car standards revision is performed, the upper limit of the exhaust volume is raised from 550cc to 660cc, it became possible to have a large body to obtain a strong power. Tall wagon of original that is currently the mainstream is a Suzuki Wagon R was released in 1993. Height to expand the interior space along with the standard referred to two meters audience by the ease of use spread significantly. Then in 1998 to the collision safety also widened the overall length and overall width is taken into account, it has led to the current.
topics 3
Gorbachev in the Soviet Union first president
After World War II Cold War structure in which two great powers that the United States and the Soviet Union conflict led the liberal camp and the socialist camp had been followed. In an attempt to Tatenaoso the Soviet Union which has been economically battered by the evils of one-party dictatorship, Gorbachev was appointed Communist Party General Secretary in 1985 was promoted the democratization of politics to set a perestroika (reform) and glasnost (public). Socialism starts one after another pro-democracy movement in the country, the Berlin Wall collapse in 1989. Been promoted independence movement in such as the three Baltic states among the Soviet Union, the power of the Communist Party began to weaken. When it comes to the 1990 determines the abandonment and the introduction of a presidential system of one-party dictatorship, Gorbachev is appointed as first president of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev to promote disarmament in the US-Soviet summit, left a large footprint, such as to realize the multi-party system. Gorbachev tried to build a new system by performing a bold policy shift, spreads the domestic turmoil, it was to be chased by the seat of power by the democratization that has promoted himself.