December 8, 2015

Overwhelming performance of 16 races 15 wins

When was in as if the bubble economy midst. Japan money swept also the F1, logo of the Japanese companies had been dancing to the ball Dee machine. Real estate company was even whole example, which acquired the team. Mood of the bubble will match the world of glamorous F1, it had to exude stylish image.

Honda turbo engine, was proud overwhelming combat power. In conducted British Grand Prix at Silverstone high-speed circuit, the machine that was from first place to fourth place equipped with a Honda engine has a monopoly. The Williams-Honda have had a driver with outstanding force that Nigel Mansell and Nelson Piquet, I had to pull out the power of the machine to the full. It was able to compete with Honda, it was only Alain Prost to ride McLaren Porsche.

This year Nelson Piquet becomes champion, Williams-Honda was to hand the constructors' title. However, William's and Honda's contract is terminated, Honda supplies engines to McLaren from next year. And, Senna was supposed to be moved to Makura Len off the Lotus. McLaren won the two most powerful engine and the strongest driver is proud of the strength of invincible, it was left an overwhelming performance that series 16 races 15 wins.

However, "Professor" is Senna of Prost and genius with the nickname of it was difficult to Narabitatsu. Without deciding the ace driver but took the team system of "joint number one", both I was thinking that we should own is a priority. Battle in the two is waged as every time, did not amass the cooperative system as a team. In the Portugal Grand Prix of the 13th round there is a clear act of sabotage that the width shifting to each other, conflict becomes crucial.