January 20, 2012

Beautiful Island in Mozambique

Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto is a beautiful island in Mozambique characterised by its wild fauna, turquoise seawater and idyllic beaches.

Bazaruto Island is the largest island of the Bazaruto Archipelago. It is approximately 37km long and 7km at its widest point. Accommodation is offered at Bazaruto Lodge which can be found in a beautiful bay on the northern side of the island. The island is a beautiful, unspoilt, leisure destination and is the perfect place to switch off from stressful city life.
The area around Bazaruto Island Resort in Mozambique is paradise. The impressive beauty of the surrounding coral reefs is enriched by the stunning diversity of the tropical fish,which abound in this sub-tropical ecosystem. The archipelago has well earned its name as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean'.
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