January 20, 2012


Samsung will Launch Flexible 

Phone in 2012

South Korean from Samsung want to revolutionize the mobile phone market.Next summer they will launch the first phone flexibleIf not a long, touch-screen phones, Internet access on your mobile phone, tablet, there was only science fiction films in recent years, they have invaded the market.Now Samsung wants to demonstrate that a flexible phone can exist in real life, not only in movies.

Skin is the first Samsung phone Galaxy flexible in the world, which will successfully resist, even if it is hit with a hammer.This model will have a very large screen with a resolution of 800×480, 8-megapixel camera, 1GB memory and a processor of 1.2 Ghz.Flexible screen, 4 inches, is already manufactured by Samsung, but the phone will go into production next year.Other specifications that know about the phone are: 5MP camera capable of shooting HD, front camera, Bluetooth and USB 2 GB. Android operating system will be Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich’s successor, the latter will be launched soon.



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